Change log

Learn about the latest changes to our products as we continue to improve Umanize to help your communities interact better.

Umanize is an ever-evolving software development company. Using qualitative and quantitative data, our product development and design teams constantly analyze how our users interact and use our platform, as well as the different functionalities while optimizing the performance of our entire technological infrastructure. 


In order to stay on top of our news and see all the changes made to our technological solutions, this web page will allow you to have a real-time overview of the optimizations made and planned.

Release 2.40

December 2022 (coming)


Increase the engagement of our users' experiences through gamification. For nearly a year, our developers have been working hard to allow our customers to add interactive games to their immersive experience.


We also plan to add customization possibilities for sending emails and configuring video signals with improved VIMEO integration.


  • Customization of email invitations with a text and a theme in your image 

  • Options for professionals with the new VIMEO integration

  • New interactive games in our 3D environment

Release 2.30

November 2022 (coming soon, planned)


A major rollout is planned for November 2022, to enable smart networking outcomes better suited to different business contexts. We have also been made aware of an important update from the Zoom Developer Community, this will enable tile view, whiteboard sharing and much more…


Many of our clients request an integrated continuous training module to add to their digital platform. We are proud to announce the upcoming arrival of our own online training module. Advanced possibilities for organizations that need to offer training to their members, or any company that wants to automate the professional development of their employees, and even the onboarding of new team members.


  • Redesign of the smart mesh module for more flexibility and more comprehensive results

  • More possibilities with updated Zoom SDK integration

  • New training module 

  • Tag users in conference chats

Release 2.20

October 20, 2022


Umanize now allows more possibilities for chat communications. That is to say, express yourself as you see fit with emojis and user identification with the identification system available thanks to the “@” key.


Plus, it's even easier and more accessible to manage videos on Umanize. We added the ability to import videos directly from Youtube.

  • Express yourself with emojis in chat

  • Tag users in conference chats

  • Access a public profile by clicking on its name and image in a chat

  • Share clickable links with preview in chat

Integration of Youtube videos


  • content library

  • Pre-recorded video in conference rooms

  • Video live feed in conference rooms

  • Welcome video 

  • In the exhibitor booths

Release 2.10

October 13, 2022

After more than a year of designing and optimizing through feedback and usage data, we have finally rolled out the new look of Umanize's interfaces.


Better thought out, faster, and more intuitive, our new interfaces will help our customers put their brand image at the heart of their experiences while increasing engagement.


New interface for the navigation of users of a platform :

  • The name of the event and the logo is visible in the bar at the top

  • Main menu accessible from anywhere on the platform with the introduction of the “Home” icon 

  • Redesigned drop-down menus with search bar for conference, chat room and general meeting

  • Improved display of public profiles in participant list and smart mesh

Others corrections made :

  • Addition of terms and conditions in the invitation to create an account by email

  • Fixed public profile to update when switching from one profile to another

  • Fixed login page form to be larger

  • Fixed the link for the "my kiosk" button to be in the submenu

  • Naming Content Libraries

  • Fixed click on files and link in content library to open/download directly

  • Added a description on the contents of the content library

  • Zendesk mention is now hidden when chat is opened on mobile

  • Corrected the location of the documents section in the exhibitor page

  • Removed +1 in chat between two people

  • Fixed search results page design

  • Added submenu with larger z-index than chat

  • Moved my kiosk button from footer to submenu

  • Moved my kiosk button from footer to submenu

  • Fixed participant content/results of correspondence/meetings to be visible when user info is opened.

  • The login form is now centered on the page

  • Fixing the chat, so that the image and name are clickable

  • Changed main menu home icon and backstage button to white conference

  • Added filters for attendee type on attendee page

  • Added a search box to the search results page

  • Addition of a link on the logo of the main partner and on the name of the event to access the lobby

  • Added a link on the “powered by Umanize” on the umanize site

  • Attaching file content to content category

Release 2.00

September 12, 2020


A major deployment was made on September 12, 2022 to improve the experience and autonomy of users and our customers with a view to enabling the self-service use of our solutions. 


Mission-critical integrations like ZenDesk and UserGuiding now help guide users every step of the way, with intelligent, personalized, and human assistance.

Integration Zendeskration ZenDesk


In order to better serve our customers' users, the umanize product and customer success team analyzed several software solutions in order to implement a tool that will allow ticket follow-ups, answer frequently asked questions, and improve the experience. general technical support.


So we created an integration with the ZenDesk system. The company offers a cloud-based customer service platform, including ticketing functions, self-service options, and customer care.


  • Creation of an intelligent Help Bot, with a series of automated responses and assistance depending on the problems encountered

  • All users now find at the bottom, right of the screen, an icon “?” allowing you to communicate with the Umanize technical support team.

  • The user will be able to select the nature of his question/problem in order to filter the requests, and even answer the majority of the questions

  • The umanize technical support team is available weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST (UTC−4)


  • Creation of a help center with articles for best practices, news, frequently asked questions and complete user guides.

  • The community of users, customers and partners can add questions, comments and articles in the help center. 

  • The information is constantly updated by the technical support and customer success team

User Guiding integration


UserGuiding allows guided tours of the product in-app, to the right person, at the right stage of their user journey. We have therefore developed several guides that adapt according to whether it is your first visit to the platform, on which platform you are and according to your type of ticket.

  • List of tasks to do for the arrival of a new user on a client platform

  • List of tasks to do for the arrival of a new user on a client platform

  • Addition of reminders and additional information in the administration

  • Addition of tag to analyze the interactivity of a client platform

3D environment engine version 3.0


Restructuring of the entire 3D system to improve its performance, its modularity and its evolution according to the growing volume of projects.

  • Redesign of interfaces on a kiosk

  • Improved visual rendering of textures and 3D environment

  • Reduced download time and size of immersive environments

Group chat


As part of our vision focused on developing tools for community management, we have developed a new instant communication feature.

  • In the administration, create group conversations by adding users to the same conversation
  • Find your group conversations in the same place as individual messaging
  • Add and remove members to a chat by group chat admins and moderators


To find out about changes made to the platform before September 12, please contact your representative or by email at