Definition cookie (cookies)

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. They are created when you log on to the Umanize website or its applications and consent to their use. They have different functions related to your browsing choices and the optimization of advertising campaigns. 

In summary, cookies help improve your website experience, understand browsing behavior, track and optimize marketing campaigns and remember your preferences. 

Data collected

The data collected is

  1. Your language preferences.
  2. Your web activity, interests and public profile information through third party companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft). The data is anonymous. 
  3. Your browsing behavior on the website (pages visited, time on the site, actions taken on the site). The data is anonymous. 
  4. Personal information that you provide through the demo request form.
    • Personal information is processed and saved via a third-party CRM solution for marketing and customer relationship purposes.

The use of the information collected is strictly reserved for Umanize's internal marketing purposes. Our goal is to allow personalization of the website, to target our advertising campaigns and to analyze our performance to make improvements. It (the information collected) will be accessible only to the company's resource persons for marketing, sales and management purposes. 

Navigation, session preference and interests data are anonymous. They are not directly linked to the information provided through the contact form.


By clicking the "accept" button in the information bar on the use of cookies (highlighted), you provide your consent to their use. You authorize the collection of information relating to their use. 

You can withdraw your permission at any time. To do this, you must access the browser settings to erase your data and configure it in such a way that they are no longer installed on your computer. 

Given the number of browsers used and the various changes that result from updates. We show you the respective links of each to explain how to disable cookies on the most popular browsers. 

Internet Explorer :

Google Chrome :

Safari : ; viewlocale=fr_FR

Firefox :

Opera :

Use of cookies

Cookies are used for different purposes by Umanize. Their goal is to personalize your connection, help us understand browsing behavior and optimize our advertising campaigns. 

Some are necessary for proper operation such as session cookies and others to make browsing more personalized such as the choice of languages, geographical area and session preferences. We also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and connection behavior within our website.

Necessary cookies

These are cookies that allow you to visit certain portions of the website and take advantage of certain features. Such as navigation in certain secure sessions and language management.  

They are necessary for the proper functioning of your navigation and cannot be deleted.

Performance Cookies 

These are cookies that allow us to monitor the performance of the website.

Google Analytics : 

Google Analytics cookies allow us to understand navigation on the website. 

We collect various information such as the time of the session, the number of pages visited, the origin of the visit, the IP address and the country of origin. The data is anonymized through a unique ID assigned to you. 

Their objective is to understand the navigation of different Internet users on our website in order to set improvement objectives and make it more efficient. 

Advertising cookies 

We use cookies from various sites outside of Umanize to track our advertising campaigns. In order to improve their effectiveness and relevance. They are stored for a limited time on your computer.

These advertising cookies give us insights into browsing behavior and measure key campaign goals. They allow us to target visitors to our website through an anonymous unique identifier to make targeted and less repetitive communications. 

Google ADS

Google Remarketing


Facebook pixel

Insight tag LinkedIn 

Social media cookies 

Social network cookies allow us to know if you are connected to social network services. They allow us to better connect our website to the different sharing platforms. They (cookies) are also used to understand the browsing behavior of Internet users who visit our website via these platforms. 

Data deletion

If you wish to erase the data collected, you can do so by deleting the cookies on your computer from the browser you are using. 

For CRM data and Analytics data, you can contact us at:

By e-mail 

By mail to the following address:  

To the Privacy Officer

390 avenue St-Simon, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 5B9

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Our cookie policy is updated on a regular basis. It can be modified without notice. It is your responsibility as a user of the website to consult this page on each visit to read our confidentiality rules related to cookies.